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Exam Preparation Course in Minsk

Find Exam Preparation Course in the best schools on EduFind! Learn foreign language in Minsk near you, online, or abroad. Find listings with schools and their reviews or begin your distance learning. Discover new opportinities for business and travelling during Exam Preparation Course. Study foreign culture together with EduFind!

Minsk ул. Романовская Слобода, 13
StreamlineStreamline was founded in Minsk in 1998. At that time it was a small English course with one teacher. Now Streamline is one of the largest language schools in Europe. 10 languages ​​are...
Центр иностранных языков FLC
The Foreign Language Center FLC appeared in 2010 on the basis of the "LANGUAGE PREPARATION CENTER". For 15 years already we have been successfully providing services in teaching foreign languages ​...
The Center for Foreign Languages ​​and Personality Development Booster Bay offers courses in English, Polish and French, as well as painting and painting courses. Training on the courses is conduct...
International House
International HouseThe only international school of English in Belarus. We are a representative of the world leader in the teaching of foreign languages, which has been successfully located in th...
Minsk ул. Янки Купалы, 21
We study on conscience. Qualitatively and in a short time.In foreign language courses, you quickly and easily improve the level of the language or learn from scratch.Our methodology is the guar...
Sol Minsk
Sol Minsk
Minsk Проспект Независимости, 40А
The training center "SOL Minsk" is a branch of the organization SOL UK (North Devon, Great Britain). British educational center SOL UK has a wide network of schools in Europe - in Germany, Hungary,...
Minsk ул. Революционная, 8
LinguaLand is a high level of professionalism and affordable cost of trainingThe language school LinguaLand was founded in Minsk in 2001. Our experience and knowledge will help anyone who intends...
Minsk ул. Гикало, 7А
English courses in Minsk PolyglotToday, knowledge of English is a vital necessity if you want to enter a prestigious university, achieve career growth, get a prestigious job. It is also a prerequ...
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