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IQ Center

The first accredited representative in Ukraine, the popular language center of Poland Akademia Nauki, who was the only one in Kiev who offered modern, fast and effective English language training in accordance with the Callan method since 2003. IQ Center is the only accredited representative in Ukraine of the network of London language schools Avalon.

During the courses, we were trusted by several tens of thousands of students who appreciate us as specialists for the thoroughness, pleasant atmosphere during the lessons and, above all, for the results. We decided to choose and work out the best methods of teaching so that our clients were satisfied with our work by one hundred percent.

  • IQ Center will apply a proven method throughout the world, thanks to which it is possible to learn the language faster in case of a traditional study.
  • IQ Center conducts recruitment throughout the year; everyone can start, finish and start training again at any time.
  • A pleasant atmosphere in the Center allows you to get comfortable training in groups or individually.
  • Pleasant and skilled staff will help you in choosing a certain level of training and will answer all your questions.
  • IQ Center offers a test lesson so that you can decide for yourself whether this level of training meets your requirements. The trial lesson is free.
  • Dynamics of classes and excellent teachers will not allow you to miss the lessons, because all students take an active part in the lessons.

Advantages of our method

  • The method was developed for the purpose of efficient and accelerated learning a foreign language
  • "Avalon" taking into account the requirements of modern trends and has a long history of successful and effective education throughout Europe and other continents.
  • The method speeds up the study of a foreign language 4 times compared with traditional teaching.
  • The method assumes active communication of the teacher with each student throughout the whole class (more than 40 references to each student occur).
  • The aim of the method is to teach the student to think English in the beginning, 100% of the time of each session is English only.
  • Training takes place only under the control and with the participation of the teacher - this allows you to exclude homework and independent work.
  • The method assumes the possibility of starting classes in any period of the calendar year.
  • The method guarantees the immediate overcoming of the language barrier.
  • The training time can be shortened - it depends on personal success.
  • To get acquainted with the method and to feel the effectiveness of its action, it is necessary to register for a free trial lesson and consult the IQ Center's methodologist.
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