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Training center "Goodwill-Ukraine" offers a set of services for studying foreign languages:

  • Courses in English, German, French
  • Russian and Ukrainian as a foreign language
  • Full cycle of corporate training
  • Translations
  • Outsourcing

Today, when the borders of the world have incredibly expanded, it is simply impossible to dispense with the knowledge of a foreign language. With its help you can buy new friends, develop your business or even find true love on the other side of the globe. Our school of foreign languages ​​TC "Goodwill-Ukraine" aims at a deep study of the most common European languages: English, French and German.

Experienced teachers of the highest qualifications will be happy to share their knowledge and skills with you, and will teach the listeners not only to speak a foreign language, but also, understanding it by ear, to understand the interlocutor perfectly, enabling them to fully participate in the dialogue of any complexity. In addition, much attention is paid to the study of reading and writing in a foreign language. Easily and unobtrusively teaching the basics of foreign grammar and phonetics, we try to reveal to the listener the depth and enchanting music of the language, forcing us to get used to the sound of unfamiliar words and expressions.

The school of foreign languages ​​works with different age groups. We are proud to announce that we will be able to interest in learning the language not only of adults, but also of schoolchildren and even children, whose attention is extremely difficult to maintain. Open informal atmosphere at the lessons, creative methods of teaching, game form for the youngest students, make our lessons interesting and easy for perception.

Our main goal is to destroy the myth that a foreign language is an unusually difficult and boring subject. The Center for the Study of Foreign Languages ​​declares with confidence: studying a foreign language with us, you are interesting, fun, unconventional, and most importantly - will spend your time with profit.

The specialists of the translation department will accurately and quickly translate necessary documents, provide certified copies, and drivers will deliver them on time. Our consecutive interpreter during the talks you will not even notice, because the conversation will go so smoothly, as if you and your partner are speaking the same language.

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