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American English Center is a unique school of English that has been successfully operating in Ukraine for 21 years already.

The main "highlight" of our Center is that not only highly-qualified Ukrainian teachers teach here, but also teachers from America. After all, no one knows English better than those who speak this language from birth, those for whom it is native. Creating the AEC, we set ourselves the main task - to ensure all conditions that you speak in English. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! And again PRACTICE! - this is the motto of our classes. After reading books, listening to lectures, substituting verbs in different forms for all sorts of grammatical tables, you get a lot of information, but ... do not learn to speak! That is why at each of our classes you will hone the skill of dialogue, presenting your thoughts, conducting discussions. Gradually - from level to level. We want you to speak English beautifully, correctly, diversely, and the skill, as you know, is in the details. American English Center is primarily a well-coordinated team of professionals. We do not promise you miracles, we are just 102% creating the conditions for your hard work on yourself. On personal experience, we know that systematic and consistent work yields staggering results!

American English Center is the largest in Ukraine school of learning English with American teachers. We have been working successfully since 1995.

Classes are held in small comfortable groups. Before registering with us, at each branch you will be offered free testing and will select the most convenient schedule for attending classes. Levels from beginner to high.

The classical AES program is a technique that has proved itself throughout Ukraine:

  • conversational English and grammar;
  • conversational clubs;
  • individual help of a tutor;
  • the possibility of individual training;
  • teaching materials are included in the cost;
  • access to electronic training materials;
  • time of classes - daytime and evening on weekdays; morning, afternoon and evening on Sunday.

AEC Immersion - a full immersion in the English-speaking environment in Kiev:

  • cinematographic technology of green screen;
  • video classes with American teachers;
  • individual help of a tutor;
  • the possibility of individual training;
  • teaching materials are included in the cost;
  • time for classes - morning, afternoon and evening.

AES online - the opportunity to learn English where it is convenient for you:

  • authoring technique AES;
  • a feeling of full presence in the classroom thanks to a virtual audience;
  • access to electronic teaching materials.

Address: Cheliabinska St 10, Kiev


Phone: +38 (044) 233 16 03

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