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Development in Moscow

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XYZ School
XYZ School
Moscow Садовническая улица, дом 72
Moscow ул. Москворечье, 31/2, Москва
Center for IT Education Level UP is a team of experts in the field of information technology, who care about what is happening in the world. Therefore, we develop ourselves and help develop everyon...
Moscow ул. Киевская, 7
STEP is the largest authorized training center of Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk. STEP students receive international certificates free of charge during the training process.Our teachers are practici...
Moscow Coding School
The learning process is built as efficiently as possible for a quick start from scratch. No lectures and superfluous theory - all attention to fixing specific skills through practice.Reading pres...
Moscow Госпитальный переулок, д. 4/6, Москва
Training Center "Specialist" at the MSTU. NE BaumanThe Training Center "Specialist" is:leading computer training center of Russia with the highest level of quality of training, service, organ...
Samsung IT School
IT SCHOOL SAMSUNG - the program of additional education on the basics of IT and programming. It was created by Samsung and is being implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education and Sci...