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Chinese in Moscow

Find Chinese in the best schools on EduFind! Learn foreign language in Moscow near you, online, or abroad. Find listings with schools and their reviews or begin your distance learning. Discover new opportinities for business and travelling during Chinese. Study foreign culture together with EduFind!

Alibra School
Alibra School - a network of schools of foreign languages ​​with a long history. The first branch of the school was opened in 2000 in St. Petersburg, and since then the company is growing and impro...
Языковой центр для детей и подростков Полиглотики
Polyglotics ™ is an international network of Children's Language Centers where children learn English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese using a unique author's methodology based on a commu...
Language Link
Language Link
Moscow ул. Сущевская, д. 21, Москва
Today Language Link is an international network of language centers located in the UK, Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan and Russia, where more than 20,000 people study.More than 20 years of experience ...
ICL - Moscow
Welcome to the International Language Center "ICL-Moscow"!"International Center of Languages ​​- ICL" is a center with its history and traditions. Our doors have been open to you since 1998. The ...
Big Ben
Big Ben
Moscow Кривоколенный пер., д. 11/13, строение 1
School of Foreign Languages ​​"Big Ben"Educational company "Big Ben" was established in 1997. Since its inception, the goal of the school has been to unite professionals and create the most effec...
Globus Languages
The British language center Globus International has been operating in the educational services market in Russia since 2003.Our schools are located in Moscow (m. Chistye Prudy, m.Novogireevo), St...
Master Class
Master Class
Moscow ул. Каширское шоссе, 23
When studying each language, we rely on audio and video materials, conduct role-playing games. Thanks to this, foreign words are better absorbed, the most complete immersion in the language occurs.
Лингвистический центр "МИЛЛЕННИУМ"
Our linguistic center was founded in 2000, at the turn of the millennium. For 17 years of hard work, we managed to form a team of like-minded people, professionals in our field. We are constantly i...
YES Language Courses
Mission of the company YES Freedom of communicationWe give freedom of communication, not limited by language barriers and promote intellectual, cultural, professional, social development a...
Лингвистический центр "5 Levels"
The linguistic center "5Levels" was created for those who are not afraid to make a step towards their dreams. There are a huge number of opportunities in the world, and each person decides how to r...
Школа иностранных языков ZZZ Moscow
We launched interactive classes, picnics and walks for our students to see if such studies would suit them. And they liked it.We wanted to see how children plunge into the atmosphere of research,...
Lingua Development
The educational institution was founded in 2006 (the experience of the institution's employees - since 1999) and over the years it has accumulated a huge methodological experience, an extensive lib...
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